The All New
Cake Style LED Candle

A completely new design of LED Candles that look so good and delicious, you'll wish you could eat them.

Now in two incredible flavors!

French Vanilla

Spiced Apple Cider

Why Northwoods LED flameless Candles?


LED flameless candles are 100% safe for your home, so you can decorate your home with peace of mind.

Unmatched Convenience

You won't have to get up, walk over to the mantle, walk over and reach up on the shelf, or disturb your candle from it's decorative place in order to turn it on. Just keep your remote in a handy place and turn on all three candles at once at the press of a button.

4 or 8 Hour Timer

Not only do you have the convenience of a remote, but you can set your candles on a 4 or 8 hour timer that will automatically illuminate your home every day without lifting a finger.

100% Handmade

These candles are made from genuine, carefully textured, paraffin wax that will keep your home looking every bit as welcoming and beautiful as a real candle.

Beautifully Textured Surface

Every one of our candles are diligently hand crafted so that each one is truly unique for your home, giving your home d├ęcor authenticity and a styling that looks like you gave a little more care than just picking a product off the shelf.


We stand by the quality of these candles with a lifetime guarantee, so you can know that you will always have the expressive ambiance that only LED candles can provide.

The highest quality flame flicker in the industry

We wanted nothing short of a “no compromise” policy in every aspect of our candles. Just watch the beautiful, soothing glow of the LED filament.